Very Short Biographies

Saint Dunstan

Dunstan was born near Glastonbury at Baltonsborough around 909. He was educated at Glastonbury. In 923, Dunstan travelled to Canterbury, and as a youth, he dedicated his time to the arts, including writing, illuminating, and metal-working.

He continued his practice of the arts while a monk at Glastonbury, where the legend of his temptation by the devil emerged. King Edmund, after a miraculous encounter hunting a stag, made Dunstan the Abbot of Glastonbury, where Dunstan revitalized that abbey.

In 959, Dunstan was made Archbishop of Canterbury, after serving as Bishop of Worcester and London. He worked as archbishop revitalizing monasteries and abbeys in England, and served as council to multiple kings. He died in 988, after retiring, where he spent his final years teaching, crafting, and editing the works in the library. He was canonized in 1029.

Saint Augustine of Canterbury

Augustine was sent on a mission by Pope Gregory the Great to Christianize England in 595, where he set up a monastery outside Canterbury. Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury, and he worked to establish the dominance of the Roman Church in England. He died in 604 and was soon canonized.