Saint Dunstan Team A

Kendall BitnerTeam Captain
Kerryn OlsenTranscriberTakamiya Deposit 54Lambeth Palace 223
Anna-Amicia LitwinskaTranscriberAshmole 43Takamiya Deposit 54
Elizabeth-Anne JohnsonTranscriberEng. Poet. a. 1.Ashmole 43
Katelyn JaynesTranscriberLaud Misc. 463Eng. Poet. a. 1.
Adelaide GreigTranscriberTanner 17Laud Misc. 463
Courtney SelvegeTranscriberCotton Julius D.IXTanner 17
Margaret McCurryTranscriberEgerton 2810Cotton Julius D.IX
Marie RichardsTranscriberHarley 2277Egerton 2810
Tatiana LazarevaTranscriberLambeth Palace 223Harley 2277

Project Logbook

fter a little bit of a slower start, Team A’s transcriptions have been picking up and a few aspects of our collaborative method have really stood out so far.

Almost immediately, team members were offering suggestions to improve their user experience and so, for example, shortly after launch, Laura Morreale implemented a “Transcription Conventions” section directly beneath the transcription window, which has been a huge timesaver, serving as a quick reference and convenient place to copy and paste special characters from. 

In addition to posting directly in the Slack channels, team members have been breaking into smaller groups (usually based on the manuscripts they share as transcribers and reviewers respectively) where they are communicating their progress and getting into the details of their work and helping each other through whatever issues arise.

One particularly exciting issue was the discovery made by Marie Richards in her review of Egerton 2810. She noticed that both the text and hand change abruptly for two pages and guessed that this is an interpolated leaf, bound out of order. Tristan Taylor is currently cross-referencing the manuscript’s contents with intratextual clues to try to identify which legend it contains.   

A few manuscripts haven’t yet seen any action, so here’s hoping that we manage to get through them shortly! In any case, I’m confident the project’s collaborative method will continue to develop in new and unforeseen ways. 

Team Contact Information

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